For Yoana, the dream of many young women has become reality: She has made it, turning from a shy Dominican girl into a model in high demand and a successful business woman. Little Yoana is born in the village of Las Laguna in the Dominican Republic, not far from the border to Haiti. As a seven-year-old, she already helps out on her grandparents' fields. After her grandmother's death, she and her mother move to Haiti for a few years, where her brother is born.
Because of living on the border to Haiti, Yoana speaks Spanish and Creole but also understands French, Portugese and Italian. Working at a hotel in a popular Caribbean holiday resort, she learns English and a bit of German, also obtaining her qualification as hotel manager. On the beach, the 14-year-old's looks make her striking and she is asked to participate in a fashion show for a well-known Dominican jeans brand. This is followed by more modelling contracts and appearances as a mini dancer on a TV show.
At 16, Yoana moves to Germany, where her exotic appearance quickly turns her into a model in high demand for catalogues and magazines, including in Paris and London. But in order to gain an approved qualification, Yoana continues to go to school and trains as a hair and make-up artist in Cologne. Yoana is still also in demand in front of the camera, with numerous TV apperances on RTL, ProSieben and Vox and as a host at company events.
In 2009, Yoana is asked to take part in the Miss Caribbean contest to represent her home country and to show that beauty and intelligence are not mutually exclusive. Of 100 participants, she is the winner, gaining the title of Miss Caribbean. In the same year, Yoana uses her many contacts in front of and behind the camera to found her agency "Joas Models" (now "Montero Models"), which she uses to place models and artists. With her production company JPC =Joas Production Company, she organises beauty seminars and photo shoots. In 2010, she creates her own brand "Yoana Montero".
Yoana's life is a mixture of glamorous jet-set and tough entrepreneurship. She meets a lot of influential people at the exclusive events to which she is invited and on her modelling trips through Europe. Yoana uses these contacts in order to realise her heart's desire: The charity project "Beauty for Hope". She wants to set up "Houses of hope" in the Dominican Republic and in Haiti, where children can receive an education, a warm meal and medical help. At the same time, Yoana wants to act as an ambassador to improve understanding between the two Caribbean states.
In everything she does, Yoana's credo is: "Treat others in the same way that you want to be treated."

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